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We the Artists of the New Era declare allegiance to the next cultural Evolution.
With our creative vision and steadfast passion,
we intend to use our spirit given talents as tools to shape a new world.
These times demand intense action separated and clarified from any lukewarm virus.
Our passionate cause is the complete rearranging of the current fashion-of-the-times.

We are translators of the UNKNOWN.
It is our purpose to enhance perception and to see with
our entire body the true nature of our predicament.

During vision walks, the sacred landscape launches our current assemblage point focused
on REASON into a new field based on SILENT KNOWLEDGE or pure understanding.
The combined energy of a group of warrior/artists dreaming in Silent Knowledge
has the potential to bring a shift in the modality of our times.

ART and it's inspiration does not dissolve or stagnate.
ART only gets brighter with the Patina of Time.
Let us shine on as humans who have been granted
the ultimate challenge of dreaming ART
with our beautiful planet.